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Whether you sell hot dogs in Honolulu or wine in Wyoming, you can sell your products to the world and we can help you to do so
E-Commerce Rush

There's nothing mystical about the Internet. Electronic commerce is simply a new way of reaching your customers and making money. The excitement over the Internet is due to its broad reach, sophisticated one-to-one profiling of consumers, and warp speed capabilities.

Cyber-age tools are fun, but using them effectively to enhance the bottom line presents challenges unique to every company.

NesTECH can help you design your on-line store using shopping carts, order forms and secure server transactions. A secure server will protect your customers' personal information (credit card number, phone number, address, etc.) as well as inoculate your site from computer viruses.

Shopping Cart

Check out all the great features the NesTECH Shopping Cart has to offer. Whether you sell hot dogs in Honolulu or wine in Wyoming, you can sell to the world using shopping cart technology.


Credit Card Processing

You can offer your customers the convenience of making credit card purchases directly from their wish lists and shopping carts on your website. NesTECH's ecommerce software has the capability to process credit card transactions automatically, so that your customers won't have to wait to place orders, and so you won't have to manage the hassle of processing orders at a later time.

Even if you already have an existing website, NesTECH can create custom software to work with your site to process credit card transactions.



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