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NesTECH has a wide variety of trained professionals to assist you from the inception of planning stage through the entire project and with continues support and maintenance.

You may call NesTECH in at any point in your process. NesTECH will provide you with a team of engineers that covers all your needs:

NesTECH's engineering staff consists of four levels of expertise to suit your requirements and to adjust your billing rate to the appropriate level.
Technical, Service and Sales Resources

Associate Systems Engineers have experience in common industry desktop operating systems, general knowledge of networking infrastructure components, troubleshooting experience and basic networking software experience.

Systems Engineers have in-depth experience with network server operating systems. They also have the ability to install, configure and troubleshoot the server hardware and software components of a network.

Senior Systems Engineers provide technical leadership to other engineers and contribute specific high-intensity skills in vertical areas of the industry. A Senior Engineer also maintains immersion training in particular strategic technologies such as UNIX, network management, directory services or router and switch technology.

Technology Specialists have superior, in-depth knowledge in a vertical industry niche such as UNIX, network management, router or switch technology or directory services. Technology Specialists serve as staff experts available to clients and NesTECH personnel for in-depth solutions to specific systems concerns, as well as for complex troubleshooting duties.

Technology Consultants provide design and other technological consulting services. They have specific manufacturer or product-type specialties in which they maintain proficiency and have sufficient knowledge to provide design and sales support services. Technology Consultants write detailed technical proposals and use electronic design tools to visually depict proposed client solutions. Technology Consultants serve NesTECH's clients in a variety of pre-sales, post-sales and interview capacities.

Project Managers allocate, control and manage NesTECH resources and coordinate interaction between NesTECH and client personnel. They also implement the requirements contained in Fixed-Price/Project contracts undertaken by NesTECH. Project Managers understand the tasks, deliverables and assumptions contained in these contracts, as well as the engineering issues which may arise during the course of a project.

Service Coordinators coordinate all engineering, consulting and project management activity at your company. They also handle requests when you need emergency services or need to schedule a technical resource for an upcoming visit. Service Coordinators ensure that any outstanding service issues you have are resolved expediently.

Account Managers have the overall responsibility to ensure NesTECH is sufficiently meeting your needs. They are your first point of contact when initiating a major project and will answer any questions you have about NesTECH or find the proper resources for you.

Inside Sales Representatives work in partnership with your Account Manager. They provide pricing information on hardware and software and give you another person to contact regarding proposals when your Account Manager is not available. ..



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