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NesTECH has developed strategic relationships with the premier networking hardware and software manufacturers as well as emerging technology companies so that we can provide the optimal network computing solutions and comprehensive technical support to its customers.

Strategic Partners and Technologies
Many networking service organizations claim they do not sell hardware or software so they maintain objectivity in their network designs. In reality, this approach often compromises the firm's ability to recommend the best solution and provide sufficient technical support. In the PC and networking industry, all of the major players utilize an open sourcing distribution model so their products are available through multiple channels and sources. This model encourages high volume sales at competitive pricing and accelerates the growth of the network computing industry. However, the key manufacturers have instituted formal programs to recognize the importance of strategic partnerships with a select number of companies that exhibit the expertise necessary to implement and support their complex networking solutions. As a result, NesTECH is able to work with any and all of the key networking vendors in designing Best of Breed solutions for our clients.

More importantly, our technology partnerships allow us to provide superior support to our clients by permitting us immediate and high level access to our partners' technical support resources. This level of support is simply not available to other service organizations that have not developed strategic relationships with these companies.

NesTECH maintains exceptional relationships with the industry's most important and influential companies. For more information on their solutions, be sure to visit their web sites.




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