Q1: What services does NesTECH offer?

Network Engineering & Systems Technology focuses on helping companies increase their competitive advantage through technology, lower and control their IT cost by offering services that include LAN/WAN consulting and engineering services; Hosting; hardware/software procurement and total IT maintenance services.

Q2: What do you mean by remote support and monitoring?

Through NesTECH Remote Support Services (NRMS), NesTECH is able to provide 24 hour data trend collection and analysis; 24 hour real-time network error identification, diagnosis and resolution; and 24 hour emergency on-site engineering services and hardware swap. We manage our NRMS operation from the NesTECH Remote Support Operations Center (NRMOC), which can monitor network systems anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. NRMS is a suite of technology management services, of which customers can choose those that make the most sense to keeping their network running effectively at a reasonable cost.

Q3: What types of solutions do your consultants and engineers offer?

NesTECH’s technical staff offers a wide range of services across several technologies. Our consultants design solutions while our engineers implement solutions. NesTECH also provides project managers to ensure major projects stay on schedule and meet the proposed deliverables. NesTECH’s specific areas of expertise include: Y2K Compliance, Network Operating Systems, LAN/WAN Infrastructure, Network Management, Remote Access, Messaging, Firewall/Security, and Disaster Recover/Contingency Planning.

Q4: What hardware and software services does NesTECH provide?

NesTECH can provide many varieties of hardware and software products that comprise a computer network. NesTECH works from a list of manufacturers whose products we feel are superior. This includes products from Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, Bay, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, 3Com, Intel, Citrix, IBM, Lotus and many more. NesTECH also provides custom configuration and staging services. We'll customize servers, routers or other network devices to the specifications you require. You can also utilize our production facility to prepare your desktop machines and have them delivered at the intervals you require. This can be quite beneficial when you purchase a large quantity of PCs but have the ability to take only a limited amount at a time.

Q5: What else can NesTECH offer my company?

For those companies looking to turn over the entire management and provisioning of their network services department, NesTECH is your outsourcing solution. For a flat monthly fee, NesTECH will manage your on-site network administration function and/or help desk services. We'll back this up with the use of our consultants, project managers and senior engineers on an as needed basis as well as the benefits of NRMS, our remote management and monitoring system.

Q6: How is NesTECH different from other network integration companies?

Challenged with reducing the cost of ownership, corporate officers and IT managers have long faced the problem of meeting all their networking requirements efficiently and cost effectively. NesTECH meets the needs of the marketplace with an integrated menu of services and an exceptional team of planning and engineering talent that covers many technologies from remote network management and staff outsourcing to high-end conceptual engineering, routine maintenance and equipment upgrades.

Q7: Why does NesTECH stand above the competition?

NesTECH has developed an unparalleled system of delivering customized services and matching NesTECH’s extensive network planning, management and engineering consulting talent to the exact needs of the network owner. This model optimizes the outsourcing needs of the networking customer by providing a full breadth of integrated services to match all levels of networking needs during both long and short term projects. The breadth and depth of NesTECH’s highly-skilled engineering, consultant and project management team is NesTECH’s number one strength. Their technical skills are constantly improving through access to vendor sponsored training programs. We work closely with major network product provides such as Microsoft and Novell to ensure the solutions their products offer implemented properly.

Q8: Who are NesTECH’s clients?

NesTECH’s services are flexible enough to meet the needs of companies of all sizes looking for IT solutions and technology management systems. We serve to businesses across the full spectrum of industries. The industries NesTECH services include financial services, insurance, utilities, high tech manufacturing, biotech, publishing, medical industry and consumer products companies.

Q9: Where is NesTECH located?

NesTECH’s corporate offices are located in New York City – New York, Rockland - New York and Roselle - New Jersey.


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